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THE BIBLE… tells us the truth. Although it has been banned, burned and ridiculed over the years, it is still here and still telling the truth; for example…

It tells us that God created the human race – so we’re not here by chance. It tells us how God wants us to live our lives. But the Bible also tells us that we are not the people we ought to be. We do not live in God’s way. Which is why so many things are wrong in the world – and with ourselves. The Bible calls this sin. And God, quite rightly, hates to see His creatures in this state. It makes them incapable of ever pleasing Him. It makes them guilty of disobeying Him. It makes them incapable of ever knowing Him personally. That’s why the Bible describes us as “lost”; from God’s point of view that’s what we are.

This is where Jesus Christ comes in…….

JESUS CHRIST… is God’s Son come as man. The things He said and did certainly confirm that. There is no doubt that there was such a person. There’s too much evidence in the Bible and outside, to deny it. Unlike anyone else He lived a life exactly as God requires, and then gave up that life by dying on a cross. Why? As a payment for the sin of everyone who believes on Him. He was raised from the dead, at the first Easter, by the power of God. By doing this God showed that He accepted this sacrifice. So God has made it possible for men and women no longer to be lost to Him; they can become Christ’s people – Christians.

CHRISTIANS… are those who respond to these facts we’ve been looking at, in the way the Bible says we ought. Truly to realise what God has done by Jesus Christ must mean to become grieved that we ever insulted our Maker by arrogantly ignoring Him. The Bible calls that grief “repentance”. To be truly repentant will mean that we change our ways, and live as Jesus Christ would wish – trusting and obeying His words. Our lifestyle changes as we serve Jesus as King, and experience the joy of a relationship with Him – a relationship that will never end!

Too good to be true? No! This is what God promises. And many in Hanney have proved God to be true to His word.

A fuller description of our Basis of Faith can be found here.

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